SMART Finance
acts as an adviser of Tunisian groups in the following areas :
Securities underwriting and Placements:
Our deep-seated expertise of the capital market and the techniques of market-based or direct financing enables us to procure non-banking funding solutions for corporations (bond and treasury issues, venture capital, mutual fund, international agencies for development).


We provide the candidate companies with advisory and assistance services in order to allow them to succeed in their listing and fulfill the prerequisites of long-term success by accompanying them all along the issue process (run-up, valuation, pre-placement, communication...).
Merger and acquisition :
We carry out the selection of the target or the partner and determine assets fair value and supportive actions for the operation. We identify synergies and assist our clients in the valuation, the negotiation and the structuring of the M&A transaction.
We are short-listed as a valuation services provider by the Tunisian government as part of the privatization program involving the state-owned enterprises. We also intervene as a buy-side adviser on behalf of Tunisian and foreign groups in privatization deals including valuation and negotiation.
We carry out the strategic, operational and financial diagnoses and define a global restructuring program that comprises the actions to implement and the general orientations to follow.
Development project overseas
We assist the companies in studying the targeted market and identifying growth opportunities. We initiate project appraisal, formulate the business plan and assist the company in obtaining the necessary approvals and the financing for the new ventures.
Smart Finance was created in 1997 by individual shareholders, all having extensive experience in the financial sector, to have worked in well-known financial institutions.
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