Smart Finance pledges to respect the highest standards of integrity and professional ethics. Its values include :
When opting since its setting-up for capital independence from other financial institutions and the largest Tunisian groups, Smart Finance put the independence in the heart of the values that govern it. In doing so, SMART Finance aims at securing the neutrality and the objectivity of its consultancy services offered to its clients, away from any pressure, interference or conflict of interests.


Smart Finance commits itself to accomplish its advisory missions and carry out the mandates that its clients entrusted it with by acting in their interests and providing all the care, the diligence, the availability and the competence needed to guarantee the quality service that meets the customers needs. To reach this goal, it commits itself to make all the efforts to bring to its clients its expertise, competence, network and potential.
Standards imposed by Smart Finance are also focused on the integrity of its teams. This implies that it operates with professional ethics, confidentiality and fairness by complying scrupulously with the rules, procedures and the instructions in order to ensure the conditions of success in the missions it is entrusted with.
Smart Finance was created in 1997 by individual shareholders, all having extensive experience in the financial sector, to have worked in well-known financial institutions.
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